Das Leben ist gut! – Life’s good!

This campaign should focus the good things in life. Conspiracy theories mostly develope out of some kind of negativism. We believe, that a positive way of looking at things preserve the ability of reasonable media consumption.

That means to inform oneself on different sources. To have an open mind about different opinions and to form an own opinion.
Elvis is alive – in our hearts.
Corona doesn't just exist in our heads.
It's a flat globe – until we reach the horizon.
Nobody visited the moon – except Nils Armstrong, etc.
It's important not to believe every piece of information without thinking ahead.

This campaign should prevent conspiracy theories.

Art Direction in cooperation with
Monika Dabrowska & Katharina Tschoch

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Bundesstelle für Sektenfragen
Gesellschaft gegen Sekten- und Kultgefahren

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