Ostwerk Rebranding

Together with the colleagues of the creative-agency from Ostwerk, we designed the whole rebranding in May 2021.

We wanted to appear creative and young, at the same time serious - and of course different from everything we've seen before. Our common thread was visualised in classic black & white with an accent in yellow. This conveys character and creates the individual personality for the Ostwerk brand.

And it rounds off the storytelling: Because the name Ostwerk not only refers to the origin of the agency's founder, but also to the direction in which the sun rises. Only light allows us to see and to understand. A clear communication that conveys truths is essential in every project.
The typography is another big part of our brand. We have chosen the two fonts GT Sectra and GT Eesti by the type foundry Grille Type.

The GT Sectra, equipped with serifs, combines the sharpness of a scalpel knife with the character of a nib in calligraphy through targeted cuts on the individual letters – handmade and down to earth with a modern edge.

The GT Eesti, on the other hand, is a free interpretation of the Soviet font “Zhurnalnaya Roublennaya”. In combination, these two fonts embody the character of Ostwerk.
The Ostwerk sign developed from the glyphs of GT Sectra. The letter Ø comes from the nordic countries and can best be translated to the german sound of "Ö". In addition, the glyph, which has now been converted into a signet, has even more meaning.
At this point let me introduce the claim “Brewing Brands” - because our flow and daily companion is coffee.

With the right mixture of beans the perfect crema is created, which decides on enjoyment and simple purpose satisfaction with a cup of coffee.

Ostwerk's approach works in exactly the same way: a branding, logo, websites ... Anyone can do that. Only the certain details make a brand characteristic & independent. The logo therefore also stands for an abstracted coffee bean.
The brand book now records these and other detailed internal and external communication specifications and is a kind of modular construction kit for every further communication measure.
The website:
Here we rely on progressive user experience. The best thing to do is to look at the result for yourself:

I played a decisive role in the conception.
The whole project was a team effort.
All rights of the project @ostwerk

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