This is the idea and the conception of a new magazine called »whai« because of the phrase »why« and the letter Y which both should stand for the generation Y.
They are also called »Millenials« and are the main topic and target of this magazine.
The logo was created with a font called »Lower-Westside«.
In the end a series of 3 different covers enveloped. Each of it refers to a certain topic which will be approached in the issue. The three pictures are not from Julia and should only demonstrate the idea of a possible cover. The first one for example was photographed by Brantley Gutierrez.
The first issue relates to self-reflection. Therefor a number of different people who are part of the generation Y got interviewed. They all got the same questions and readers will be amazed of the huge difference of answers.
You can see how different the opinions and thinkings are, even if they are defined as »one generation« with common attributes.
The first issue has 32 pages which you can look through.
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